The pin-up girl has been around for decades from the early part of the 20th century and became immensely popular during World War II with the military serving overseas.

In modern times Pin-up has become synonymous with the fashion, hair and make-up of the 1940s and 50s, sometimes blended with the current love of tattoos and piercings.


Pin-Up photography can vary from the strictly 'Cheesecake'/'Hollywood' style of imagery as exemplified by Betty Brosmer, all the way through to the 'naughty but nice' work of Bettie Page.


Boudoir is often interpreted as being a lady's bedroom, however originally it could also refer to her sitting room or dressing room, or even her reception room where she would entertain visitors.


In modern times it is used to describe a style that is gentle in approach with the lady photographed posed or candidly while wearing pretty lingerie. Any nudity is usually implied and rarely ventures beyond topless. These images are most often shot in a room of an upmarket hotel.


Lingerie photography is very similar however the shots may be taken outside and the lingerie swapped for swimwear.

Outside of pin-up, vintage and lingerie glamour consists of pictures posed in underwear/swim-wear, sexy outfits or topless, in relaxed inoffensive poses.


You can see examples of these images in many popular women's magazines, and for a racier type of look the popular men's magazines too.


You can play dress up in a Hooters T-Shirt, French maid outfit, lingerie or even your husbands old football shirt.