In the acting profession your face is your meal ticket, and casting directors are always looking for something fresh. There is no use sending in the same old photos over and over again, and if you change your hairstyle or gain/lose a few pounds then new pictures are required to help you land that part.

Definition: a pictorial representation (as a photograph) of a person usually showing the face.


Portraiture is about capturing you and your personality on film, and in my opinion failing to look like a supermodel is a distinct advantage. The image could capture just one aspect of your personality or yourself as a whole.


There are many other reasons for wanting a few good head-shots. A good looking picture on your blog pages or dating web-site is likely to bring more people back to your profile than a blurry snap taken the last time you were out on the town with friends. Alternatively you may want something for your business cards and letterheads or simply as a keep-sake for friends and family.


If you are a model or have ambitions of being one then a strong and varied portfolio is a necessity.

Whatever style of modeling you are interested in doing I can provide the high quality images you require to give your portfolio a wonderful kick-start, or give you the images that are currently missing from your work.