The shopping malls, TV advertising and magazines would have you believe that as soon as you are over the age of 21 you are no longer attractive, fun or sexy. This couldn't be further from the truth. Ask any man who is even slightly in touch with his feelings and he will tell you that his 30, 40, 50+ year old wife/girlfriend is probably more sexy now than she has ever been.

My boudoir photography sets out to prove that he is right.

What is boudoir?.

The dictionary describes the boudoir as a lady's private sitting room or parlour, and often these photos are taken in the ladies own homes where they feel most comfortable. If the lady prefers I am happy to work in a photo-studio or even in the great outdoors at some secluded and picturesque location. What is most important is that the lady concerned feels comfortable and beautiful. The images themselves can be portraits, lingerie, swimwear, glamour, topless, abstracts, artistic nudes and even erotica, all of which will be taken with respect to the lady's limits and her likes and dislikes regarding her own body.

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Who chooses what type of images to be taken?

This is entirely up to the woman. Whilst her husband/boyfriend may wish for something a little raunchy, the lady may feel a little shy about showing a little too much of that side of her personality to a photographer. It's up to the lady if she wants to draw the line at lingerie or she decides to dance naked in the woods. The men will have to just believe me when I tell them that a woman who is uncomfortable with the level she is being asked to model at, will not look good in the final images. A photographer cannot compensate for that no matter how good he is as a photographer.

But what about........

........scars? stretch marks? moles? wrinkles? Just because we men can't see these things (or in some cases we think they're beautiful) it doesn't mean they should be disregarded when it comes to a boudoir shoot. Remember if the model feels good about herself then that will shine through a hundred times brighter than any blemish on her skin whether it is real or imaginary.

Before the shoot we can discuss possible poses, props or make-up which either hide any weak points or emphasise the many good ones. During the shoot we will work on variations and the model will recieve continuous feedback in the form of words and viewing the shots taken so far. After the shoot is over I will carefully work on each individual photograph the model has chosen and make sure that the pimple that appeared that morning has disappeared, and that the weak points discussed before the shoot are lessened or removed entirely. The resulting images will be realistic without being brutally honest, and beautiful without appearing like you'd been created by an air-brush artist.

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